Kingston FURY CTRL™ v2.0 RGB Lighting Software

Users can download and install the FURY CTRL v2.0 app from the Microsoft® Store or directly from the Kingston website.

FURY CTRL v2.0 supports Kingston FURY™ DDR5 and DDR4 RGB memory product lines, as well as legacy HyperX® RGB memory.

Depending on the product you plug in, the memory module will properly reflect what’s installed in the system.

The LED light option is used to turn the RGB illumination off or on, as well as put into a 10% Low Power mode.

The Display OC Profiles option shows the memory profile specifications for the installed part.
The Save/Load Custom Effect is accessed by clicking the icon with three bars to save a new custom effect or load a previously saved custom effect.

To save and load an LED customization profile click on the Three Bar icon.
Click the + sign to create a new profile.
Click the Pencil icon to name it, then click Enter when done.
To save the profile, click the Download icon.
To delete a profile, click the Trash Can.
To apply a profile, click Apply.
The Gear icon allows you to select your preferred language, find the current software version, view the Privacy Policy, and toggle the Startup button to automatically start FURY CTRL upon Windows start up.

For modules featuring 10 or more LEDs, choose from up to 16 effects, or customize your own.

Rainbow 1:38
Prism 1:50
Spectrum 2:01
Slide 2:11
Wind 2:34
Static 2:56
Lightspeed 3:12
Rain 3:33
Firework 3:50
Breath 4:411
Dynamic 4:37
Teleport 4:58
Flame 5:16
Voltage 5:27
Countdown 5:39
Rhythm 5:53
Bounce 6:08
Blink 6:32
Solid 6:49
Heart Beat 7:00
Cycle 7:16
Infrared Sync Technology™ demonstration 7:33

Click on Reset button to revert to factory color at any time.

The memory modules installed in the system reflect the same lighting effects applied. Kingston FURY Infrared Sync Technology™ perfectly synchronizes the lighting effects of the memory using infrared components featured on the DIMMs. When all modules are set to the same pattern effect, the IR Sync technology will keep them in perfect alignment.

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