XTS-AES Encryption – Kingston IronKey™ Keypad 200 hardware-encrypted USB drive

Kingston IronKey™ Keypad 200 is an OS-independent hardware-encrypted USB drive with an alphanumeric keypad for easy-to-use PIN access.


KP200 incorporates XTS-AES 256-bit hardware-based encryption. It is also FIPS 140-3 Level 3 certified for military-grade security with enhancements that further elevate the bar for data protection. Its circuitry is covered by a layer of special epoxy that makes it virtually impossible to remove components without damaging them; this tough epoxy stops attacks against the semiconductor components. The drive is designed to be tamper evident to alert owners. It also incorporates brute force password attack protection, and BadUSB protection with digitally signed firmware. The alphanumeric keypad is coated with a layer of polymer that protects the keys and hides key usage through analysis of fingerprints on the keys.

KP200 utilizes a built-in rechargeable battery that can be used to unlock the drive first without using any software, and then plug it into any device that supports a USB type A mass storage device. This gives users the most flexibility across different platform types and operating systems.

With Multi-PIN option (Admin/User), the keypad can be used to set up an easy-to-remember but hard-to guess alphanumeric PIN for Admin or User. Admin can restore a User PIN and provide access to the drive should the User PIN be forgotten, or if the drive is locked after reaching the maximum of 10 User login attempts. With both Admin and User PINs enabled, KP200 will lock the User PIN after 10 failed login attempts; if the Admin PIN is entered incorrectly 10 times in a row, brute force attack protection will crypto-erase the drive, destroy the data forever, and reset it.

The drive also provides two levels of Read-Only (or Write-Protect) modes – a Global mode that can be set by Admin, and a session-only mode that can be set by User. Read-Only modes can protect the drive from malware on untrusted systems. In addition, Admin can load content and set Global Read-Only mode, so that User can access the data but not make any changes.

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